Avon Field Mummers

Avon Field Mummers

Avon Field Mummers
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Boxing Day:

Current Performances: May. to Jul.2021

Sorry. There are no events found for this period.
Folk plays are seasonal, so please try again at a later date
nearer to Christmas, when Avon Field Mummers perform.
Avon Field Mummers events are listed in partnership with
the Master Mummers website (www.mastermummers.org).
A collection will be made for local charities.


Thanks to everyone who turned out to make it a great day on Boxing Day. Our last collection totalled £41.36, which has been donated to Dorothy House


As we're all involved in the play, we can't take photos of ourselves! If you have any photos of our performance that you could let us have a copy of, please contact us. Thanks.